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Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary Phuket introduces Sanctuary Wellbeing

October 2, 2018 Resort News No Comments

Award-winning international hotel brand, Banyan Tree, has launched Sanctuary Wellbeing at Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary Phuket to bring greater awareness to one’s body and balance modern urbanites lifestyles by combining enriching wellbeing activities, indulgent spa treatments and inspirational cultural immersions in one holistic holiday experience.

Inspired by Nature, Sanctuary Wellbeing is built on the value of sustaining a harmonious balance to all aspects of wellbeing. Each week, there are 50 different activities designed to achieve improvement in multiple aspects of one’s life. Guests enjoy the flexibility and freedom of choice to participate in unlimited wellbeing activities that raise body awareness, encourage mindful practice, improve fitness and support lifestyle enrichment. Each activity is interactive, teaches simple changes for maximum impact and benefits overall wellbeing. Insightful cultural immersions are also interspersed throughout Sanctuary Wellbeing‟s weekly calendar, each providing a unique insight to the local culture with opportunities to experience the quintessential elements of Thai wellness practices and the local community’s way of life.

Apart from wellbeing activities, Sanctuary Wellbeing also adopts a multi-pronged approach to wellbeing with indulgent spa treatments by the award-winning Banyan Tree Spa for sensorial rejuvenation and curated sleep rituals for deep restorative rest. A wealth of experience, knowledge and activities set the stage for a fulfilling holiday experience with take-home insights to continue and maintain a sustainable and enriching wellbeing journey.

‘Sanctuary Wellbeing is a reflection of the shift in our customers’ values, where people are looking for more than just a holiday and more than just prescribed relaxation. They want to learn about how to  optimise their own wellbeing, enhance self-knowledge and therefore learn how to balance their own lifestyle after they return home.

Our programme adopts a unique approach. We think of ourselves as providing ‘the first step to wellbeing’; in designing the programme, we have consciously steered away from the mould of traditional wellbeing retreats that offer prescribed itineraries and expert driven diagnosies.

Sanctuary Wellbeing provides guests with the time and space to discover their needs at their own pace, enjoying freedom of choice and full flexibility to choose activities that align with their personal wellbeing goals. Our role is to provide a balance of activities and experiences, focusing on simple and impactful changes while inspiring guests to continue the wellbeing journey when they return home. It’s an all -inclusive experience, tailored to guest’s choice of activities for sustained improvement in overall wellbeing.” says Ms Ho Ren Yung, VP, Brand HQ.

A weekly calendar of 50 different wellbeing activities is available for guests’ selection in accordance to their preference and goals. Broadly categorised into four categories of (1) Body Awareness, (2) Mindful Practices, (3) Optimal Fitness and (4) Lifestyle Enrichment, the activities are designed to help achieve all rounded wellbeing while providing ample room to reconnect with self, environment and loved ones.

Sanctuary Wellbeing also offers unique opportunities to immerse in local culture and community.

Experience intimate cultural insights and discover the joy of giving and receiving through activities such as  Pay it Forward – an interactive cooking class with local youths or get a fresh perspective on the local way of life with a morning Neighbourhood Cycle (Appendix A).

Guests who prefer a goal-oriented itinerary can choose from four curated programmes New Wellbeing, Balanced Fitness, Mindful Awareness and Urban Detox, are guided and fully customisable programmes that guide guests’ to embark on an enriching journey of learning and rediscovery (Appendix B).

Professional Wellbeing Hosts are also on hand to guide guests to design a personalised programme premised on attaining a balanced wellbeing. They will conduct an in-depth arrival consultation to better understand the needs and objectives before recommending a customised itinerary.

Guests also enjoy daily spa treats in the privacy of their own villas or in the serene environment of Banyan Tree Spa Phuket. Unique treatments such as Therapeutic Stretch, Sanctuary Bliss and Detox Massage targeted at muscle recovery, deep stretching and detox cater to different wellbeing needs and the various curated programme. Quality rest is another area of focus, where guests are guided to immerse in restorative rest starting with meditation sessions or soothing steams and baths to attain an ideal pre-sleep state of mind. The bedroom is set to the perfect temperature for sleep, along with a selection of natural linens and pillows. Patented bedroom lighting that complements the circadian rhythm and binaural music entrains brain waves to enter a state of deep relaxation.

Sanctuary Wellbeing also recognises that good nutrition and healthy dietary patterns form the bedrock of holistic wellbeing, a dedicated menu of plant-based cuisine is created for Sanctuary Wellbeing guests to balance modern day diet. Available in several restaurants, the menu champions the creative use of ingredients to present flavourful and balanced dishes while retaining the nutritional integrity of natural ingredients for a truly all-rounded wellbeing retreat for the mind, body and soul.

Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary, located in Phuket, is an intimate resort with 12 villas nestled on the fringe of Cherngtalay Beach. Surrounded by rich flora and fauna, it is the ideal place to unwind and appreciate all that nature has to offer. Each villa has a delicate balance of indoor and outdoor spaciousness with in-villa facilities including a private pool, steam room and a tranquil lily pond surrounding the floating bedroom pavilion.

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