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The longest recreational trail in the world inspires Australian outdoor enthusiasts

March 30, 2021 Visit Canada No Comments

While health and safety continue to be a top priority, Aussie travellers dreaming of next-level outdoor adventures can challenge themselves on Canada’s Great Trail when the time is right.
In the meantime, take yourself on a virtual 20-second Great Trail …

Rhubarb, maple and bumbleberry: Canada goes beyond the grape

March 17, 2021 Visit Canada No Comments

With its world-famous wine regions and globally acclaimed labels, Canada holds its own when it comes to the swirl, sniff and sip. The varied landscapes and climates of this vast nation produce distinct flavours and surprising notes that take your …

Canadian sculptor Dean Drever newest addition to the UREEQA Platform

March 12, 2021 Visit Canada No Comments

Dean Drever, the acclaimed Canadian sculptor whose minimalist and abstract work can be enjoyed at famous landmarks throughout the country, such as Edmonton’s famed Epcor Tower or the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, is a particularly exciting addition to the UREEQA Collection …

Motel revival! Canada leads the global trend

March 2, 2021 Visit Canada No Comments

The rural Hockley Motel in Monto, Ontario, also known as the infamous Rosebud Motel in hit television series Schitt’s Creek, listed for sale for a cool $2 million following the show’s historic sweep at the Emmy Awards. But it’s not …

Canada Addresses Covid19 with New Border Controls

“The new border controls are not designed to punish travellers, rather “keep people safe.”

  • Justin Trudeau Canadian Prime Minister

International Polar Bear Day celebrates icons of the Arctic

February 16, 2021 Visit Canada No Comments

As polar bear mums and their newborn cubs snuggle together in snow dens across the Arctic, 27th February marks International Polar Bear Day, aimed at raising awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by polar bears in a changing world.…

Canada releases classic driving guide for travel trade

February 15, 2021 Visit Canada No Comments

Destination Canada has released a brand-new driving guide for the travel trade.  The 16-page downloadable guide features six classic Canadian driving routes across the country, from city skylines to snow-capped mountains to wildflower-coloured countryside to wave-buffeted coastlines.…

Only in Canada! 5 curious winter adventures

February 10, 2021 Visit Canada No Comments

Canada does winter like no other destination, with residents eagerly embracing the cold and finding original ways to dive into the snowy white stuff. …

The best countries for introverts to live in 2021! Canada ranks as number 1

January 21, 2021 Visit Canada No Comments

Physicists, machine operatives and marketing professionals are the best-suited jobs for those that like to work alone…

What’s New in Canada’s Ski Resorts

January 20, 2021 Visit Canada No Comments

With the Australian summer in full swing, many of us are dreaming of fresh powder snow, Canadian mountain ranges and picturesque ski villages. …


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