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Chinachem Eco-Walk 2018 – Hong Kong’s Largest Single-Day Eco Activity Experiencing Ma On Shan Mining Heritage with AR, VR and AI Technology A Sweet Home for Miners

September 17, 2018 Visit North Asia No Comments

Chinachem Eco-walk 2018, Hong Kong’s largest single-day eco activity, will be held on 4 November, 2018 (Sunday) at Ma On Shan Country Park. Themed under “My Sweet Home”, the Eco-walk promotes quality family time for participants as they surround themselves in the picturesque natural scenery of Hong Kong and learn about the history of Ma On Shan’s mining industry from miners’ perspectives. By getting a glimpse of the strong neighborhood bonds in the Miner’s Village, participants can realize how these Hong Kong people have contributed to the economic development of their sweet home and learn to appreciate the importance of family.

As a property developer based in Hong Kong, Chinachem debuted its annual Eco-walk back in 2011 and has continuously led people from all walks-of-life to embrace the green Hong Kong. Up until today, it has garnered the support of more than 24,000 participants. The Eco-walk comprises two routes to cater for participants of different ages and abilities with disparate interests:

  • Route 1 (Leisure Walkers) measures about 3km in length. The 1-hour walk departs from the entrance of Ma On Shan Country Park (Barbeque Areas), following with a stroll along the Ma On Shan Family Walk to visit Grace Youth Camp and 240ML mine cave area before returning to the Barbeque Areas. This route is suitable for both families and wheelchair users.
  • Route 2 (Challengers) stretches 7.4km in length and takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete. It begins at the entrance of Ma On Shan Country Park (Barbeque Areas), following with the Ma On Shan Family Walk. It then climbs through 240ML mine cave area and up to the Ngong Ping Plateau, and finally returns back to the Barbeque Areas while passing by Grace Youth Camp. This route is more suitable for adolescents and frequent hikers to walk on.

There are many happy stations incorporated with AR, VR and AI technology along the route. By completing different interactive games and missions, participants can understand the history of the mining industry of Ma On Shan, appreciate the greenery and ecology nearby, and experience how Hong Kong people have been building and conserving their homes in the past and present.

Happy Stations Details
Ma On Shan Country Park Entrance (Barbeque Areas) Mine Cave Scene

With the VR technology in the mobile app, participants may enjoy the 360-degree view of old mine scene. The site also includes a photo area featuring mine cart and mine cave model.

 Family Team Sports

Members of the family could participate in group activities, such as Minecart Relay and the traditional Hoop Rolling Challenge.

Ma On Shan Family Walk Biodiversity Search

Ma On Shan is in possession of Hong Kong’s six species of wild azaleas and many other species, including Red Muntjac, Chinese Pangolin, East Asian Porcupine, Wild Boar, Dodona egeon egeon, Zemeros flegya, Abisara echeriu, etc. The AR program allows participants to collect interactive images of wild plants and animal species rested in Ma On Shan, learning more about the ecological information and rich biodiversity.

Grace Youth Camp Mine Village Scene

Miners and their families built homes around the mine and a Miner’s Village was gradually formed that boasted as many as 10,000 residents during the booming periods of the industry. By using VR technology, participants can enjoy the 360-degree view of Ma On Shan living circle and understand the humble lifestyle of Hong Kong miners in the past and their strong neighborhood bonds.

 School of Miners

Dressed like a little miner, children can learn how to select and distinguish high-quality iron ore, in addition to taking photographs of iron ores visualized through a microscope.

Childhood Entertainment in Miner’s Village

Game booths are set up for children and parents to experience childhood entertainment in the Miner’s Village, such as bean bag tossing, marble shooting, nerf gun games, DIY pressed leaf bookmark, etc.

240ML Mine Cave Area Ma On Shan mine is the only iron ore mine in Hong Kong of great economic value, which poses an important part in the history of Hong Kong mining industry. Situated at an altitude of 240 meters, 240ML mine cave has one of the earliest tunnels developed. With the use of AI technology, the old mine site can be brought back to life, where participants can capture the nostalgia through their lens.
Ngong Ping Plateau Facing against Tai Kam Chung (Pyramid Hill) and overlooking Sai Kung’s panorama ocean view, Ngong Ping is one of the few highland plateaus in Hong Kong. Participants may hike along Ma On Shan Country Trail up to Ngong Ping Plateau at their own pace to capture the scenery as magnificent as Qiandao Lake in China, as well as the autumnal landscape with silver grass.

Chinachem will match every dollar of the donation. Without any administrative expenses deducted, all proceeds of the Eco-walk 2018 will be donated to “Hong Kong Mining Heritage and Eco Tour” Project by the Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong, whereas 50 session of guided tours will be organized for around 1,400 children from grass-roots families.

Registration for Chinachem Eco-Walk 2018 is now open. Members of the Hong Kong public are all welcome to join this meaningful charitable event and help promote the message of “My Sweet Home”.

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