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Creator of Worlds First Flight Hammock for all Ages Unveils New Product

September 6, 2019 Aviation No Comments

If you’re after all the creature comforts of business class with an economy class price tag, the problem solving designer of My Flight Hammock, Jenny Cayzer, could have just the thing for you.

Launching this week, My Flight Hammock is an extension of the original Fly LegsUp design – a portable hammock that can be used in-flight to turn your economy class seat into one worthy of business class. Versatility is what makes My Flight Hammock stand out from its competitors.

The design is so adaptable, it’s suitable for travellers of all ages from small babies to large adults, and can be used on all forms of transport, not just airplanes.

The original Hammock was a fold-out attachment designed for plane seats specifically. The new My Flight Hammock is instead free-standing, and can be used for everything from plane, bus, and train seats, as well as in the airport lounge.

The well-travelled founder Jenny Cayzer said “Basically, it lets you put your legs up and relax in any chair. You can use it to put your legs up and stretch out for a nap at the airport while you wait for your connection, or to make your economy seat more comfortable on a long flight.

Best of all, the new adaptable design of My Flight Hammock is compact, lightweight, and can be used by anyone, no matter their age.”

Jenny, who comes from a family of six pilots and one flight attendant understands all too well the struggles and discomfort that can often come with long haul travel, and has made it her mission to try and make travel a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for the entire family.

With My Flight Hammock, adults have many more positions available to make Economy more comfortable from curled up on your side, to fully stretched out with your legs supported by the pillows in the hammock. For children, the hammock can be used to convert a plane seat into a flat platform for play and sleep.

27th August 2019
“IATA, International Air Transport Association, has guidelines about what type of comfort devices are recommended and My Flight Hammock complies with these guidelines. Numerous world airlines, including Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, Virgin Australia, American Airlines, and Lufthansa, have also recognised their value for long haul comfort.

To get your My Flight Hammock

Jenny Cayzer is available for further information. To organise an interview, please contact Amanda Williams on or 0414 605 850.

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