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How to Prepare for a Cycling Vacation

April 20, 2021 Travel Deals No Comments

Adventure vacations are becoming increasingly popular as people seek to combine their time off work with something unique and memorable. Cycling holidays are one of the most popular adventure vacations because they provide a sense of remoteness but also connect you to towns and cities.

There are two types of cycling vacation. The first is an all out tour where you take a professional road bike and ride its hundreds of kilometers each day, resting in the evenings in a town. Or, you another cycling holiday is more leisurely, where you still cycle each day, but not long distances and usually within a city.

The first type is for the dedicated cyclists who trains hours each week on the bike and can handle long distance. The second type is more suited to casual vacationers or cycling beginners, or even families who pack their bike and children’s bicycle for a different type of holiday.

Whichever of the two vacation types you choose, preparation is the key to having the best holiday possible on your bike. In the post below, you can read some tips for getting ready for your cycling vacation.

Train Before Leaving

It may seem counterintuitive to train to go on vacation, but when your holiday is focused on a physical activity it becomes necessary. If you on a bike tour, you will need to ensure your body can handle the rigor of hours cycling across different types of terrain. Even if you heading on a more relaxed cycling holiday, you want to be as fit as possible to have the best time.

For cycling enthusiasts, training for that long bike tour will likely be built into your regular cycling regime. For beginners or casual cyclists, it’s best to put a few hours a week on the bike to prepare your body for daily riding on vacation.

You should also be aware of your limits. Will your body handle the type of cycling holiday you want or will fatigue make it a miserable experience? There’s no good pushing yourself to the limit when the idea of a vacation is to have fun. If you’re treating your long-distance tour as a sports event, you may be happy with reaching those limits. But even then, it’s best to know before hand if you can handle what’s ahead.

Properly Prepare Your Bike

As your heading on a cycling holiday, the most important tool you have is the bike itself. The last thing you want is to head off on your cycling vacation and have a problem such as broken chain, or even a squeaky pedal. What about if your brakes are not up to the job? You don’t want those failing at any point during your trip.

So, the best way to avoid any nasty surprises is to makes sure everything is in working order before leaving. Check the brakes and gears, the pedals and wheels, the handlebars and saddles, and everything in-between. Don’t forget to pack some basic cycle tools with you, including puncture repair kits.

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