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Mother’s Day 2021: Why mothers make the best leaders.

May 4, 2021 Business News No Comments

For many women, becoming a mother for the first time is a mixed bag of emotions. While the happy anticipation of meeting your new bundle of joy is building, it lives side by side with a fear that you’ll become less competitive in the workplace, and have to say goodbye to any promising career plans you might have had.

But motherhood and corporate leadership skills actually go hand in hand, and according to author, speaker and corporate coach Danielle Dobson, we need to be encouraging and assisting more mothers into senior roles in the workplace.

Danielle’s grounded-theory research into the Wonders of Women in Leadership, saw her interview more than 50 women who are leaders at work, and also the lead parent at home.

All of her research participants, except one, said that becoming a mother had made them a better leader at work, and positively impacted the people they worked with:

“For most, the experience of being a parent was integral in helping them to further build their self-awareness, empathy and self-regulation – Emotional Intelligence 101.

“The leaders I interviewed said being a parent meant they’d built or strengthened other skills such as flexibility, adaptability, critical thinking, prioritisation, efficiency and creativity. Critical skills desperately needed in the workplace, leadership and all areas of life, especially right now,” says Danielle.

This Mother’s Day, Danielle is encouraging organisations to recognise the value contribution made by mothers in the workplace, and to put systems in place which support mothers in the workplace so that they can offer valuable contributions for years to come – through offering flexible working hours and better access to childcare.

“Encouraging mothers and women into leadership roles makes a lot of business sense, and I’m hopeful that the recent agitation being made around better access to affordable childcare and paid parental leave will be reflected by the upcoming Federal Budget announcement. For now, let’s all take a moment on 9 May, to recognise the value and contribution of mothers, and support them in every way possible.”

In her book, Breaking the Gender Code, Danielle explores the Gender Code which is embedded in our society, and which holds women back from creating a life on their own terms,

“The Gender Code teaches us from a very young age that men and women are more suited to certain roles and activities, when we’re really more alike than different. When we break down this Gender Code, we’re giving women the opportunity to contribute to work and family in a way which is rewarding and sustainable.”

Find out more about Danielle and her work, or purchase a copy of Breaking the Gender Code (available as a book or an audio book) at:

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