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Newcastle Council bans vaccine-injured families

October 17, 2020 Lifestyle News No Comments

The Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Nuatali Nelmes, has issued a statement calling for the censorship,
suppression and exclusion of families who, in some cases, have already paid the ultimate price for
vaccinating their children.The Vaxxed Bus is currently touring Australia to interview and collect stories from families whose
loved-ones have been killed or injured by vaccines. In only a few weeks, the names of 189 vaccineinjury victims – 5 of them fatalities – have been written on the side of the Vaxxed Bus.

Stories of the vaccine injured are often suppressed for fear that those who hear them will choose
not to vaccinate, and the council banning these interviews takes away the only forum available for
these families to speak their truth.

Every single one of these families did as they were told, thinking it would make their children
healthy. Instead, they found out the hard way that vaccines can and do cause serious injury and

The volunteers on the Vaxxed Bus have nothing to gain. They are all family members of the
vaccine injured. They have all faced the pain and grief of seeing loved ones suffer and, in some
cases, die because they did not do their research, but simply trusted what they had been told.
They want to ensure that no other families have to go through this tragedy.

They willingly give up weeks and in some cases months away from their families. They give up
paid employment in order to help others. They bravely face the bullying, ignorant and censorious
attitudes of people like the Lord Mayor without wavering because they know that giving a voice to
those who are suffering under mandated silence is worth it.

Nuatali Nelmes should be ashamed of herself!

Like all petty dictators, she may make the lives of those in her area difficult, but she will not control
them. The parents of Newcastle will come out and join the Vaxxed Bus when it comes to the area.
They will tell their stories and be heard by tens of thousands around the world. They will bravely
state their truth and oppose any attempts to silence or censor them.

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