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Pack of rampaging screamers created ‘flight from hell’

September 5, 2018 Headline News 1 Comment

Police have met a flight and arrested five men after rowdies caused chaos, running around the cabin screaming and threatening passengers and crew, turning the journey into what one woman described as “the flight from hell”.

The airline was… wait for it: Ryanair. The Irish airline is campaigning for airport terminals to serve less liquor to passengers because it seems to endure more than its fair share of in-flight disruption.

In the latest case, police from Spain’s Guardia Civil boarded a flight from Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport that had just landed at the Spanish resort island of Majorca.

Passengers said the captain had repeatedly warned a rampaging group of five men and one woman about their behaviour.

One shattered female passenger, aged in her early 60s and travelling with her daughter, told the Liverpool Echo the rowdies on the “flight from hell” were teenage youths “and a dad who was around 40”. There was also “a girl aged about 15 or 16 who was the worst of the lot, screaming the place down,” she added.

The woman said one man had tried to clamber past a trolley in a desperate attempt to reach the toilet and on being told to sit down had screamed back at the flight attendant, “do you want me to p*** myself?!”

The woman passenger’s verdict: “It was really bad, the worst I’ve experienced and I’m a frequent flyer.”

A Ryanair spokesperson told the Liverpool Echo the crew requested police assistance on arrival in Spain “after a number of passengers became disruptive in-flight.” Police had removed and detained the individuals concerned at Palma Airport after the aircraft landed normally.

Ryanair B737-800

“We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority.

“This is now a matter for local police.”

Written by Peter Needham

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  1. AgentGerko says:

    Is there a reason so many of these reports come from Ryanair flights? Yes, because their staff are allowing these people to board despite being drunk. Sure, the airport bars have a responsibility by selling them too many drinks, but I’ve never heard of an airport bar having to divert and thus damaging other peoples travel plans. It is obvious that once airborne there’s limited options available to control these ratbags so the ground staff must be given open slather to stop them boarding, perhaps by being given hand held breathalysers to test anyone they feel may be a risk to the flight.

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