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Taiwan spotlights hot springs, mountains, ocean drives and train travel at the upcoming World Travel Expo across Australia

January 29, 2020 Exhibitions No Comments

Taiwan Tourism will be on hand at the upcoming World Travel Expo across Australia to entice travellers to experience the many wonders of Taiwan.

The Expo offers consumers a one-stop event catering to all of their travel needs, offering unique options for every customer, every desire and every budget.  Taiwan Tourism will be attending the event at three different locations:  Sydney (01-02 February), Melbourne (08-09 February) and Brisbane (15-16 February).

For those thinking of travelling to Taiwan or are in the process of planning a trip, this is the perfect time to talk to the experts about what hidden culinary gems or the discovery of unique natural landscapes await.

Here are a few of the highlights Taiwan Tourism will be focussing on at the Expo.

Hot Springs. The hot tears of the earth, hot springs are one of the most precious gifts that the earth can give.  Ever since the ancient times, people have recognised the rejuvenating and therapeutic properties of these natural resources.  Taiwan’s hot springs are highly ranked in the world, harbouring a great variety of springs, including hot springs, cold springs, mud springs and seabed hot springs.

2020 has been nominated as Taiwan’s Year of Mountain Tourism and discussions around the five main mountains in Taiwan will feature prominently at the Expo. These mountains stretch from north to south of the island across the Central Range, the Xueshan Range, the Yushan Range, the Alishan Range and the Coastal Range.

The mountains seem eternal, and for Taiwan’s aboriginal people who have been living in the mountains, their co-existence with the mountains and forest is the origin of traditional living patters and fairy tales that have been created over generations.  The ridge mountains of Taiwan have nurtured the aboriginal tribes and their cultural heritage and development are closely related to the mountains.  From hunting trails, marriage paths and trading channels that have been expanded from early living areas, visitors will discover many world-class pre-historical stories that took place in the beautiful ridge mountains.

Tourists can also take what is known as the most scenic road in all of Taiwan, the Suhua Highway.  Stretching from the fishing town of Su’ao in southeast Yilan County to Hualien City almost 120 kilometers to the south, this highway is a must do for any road trip aficionado.  Forced to the very edge of the island by the arresting coastal slopes of the Central Mountain Range, the highway offers travellers unparalleled views of Taiwan’s lapis-blue portion of the Pacific and verdant jungle-covered summits as it snakes south towards the spectacular Taroko Gorge.

Taiwan Tourism’s partner, China Airlines, is also offering an exclusive World Travel Expo deal for those attending the stand:  Economy Class from AU$939, Premium Economy from AU$1679 and Business Class from AU$3,179 return.

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